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MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Explanation of test:
MRI is a form of medical imaging that utilizes pulses of radio waves in conjunction with a magnet to generate images of organs and structures inside the body. The MRI machine may look similar to a CT machine, but no radiation exposure is involved in an MRI procedure. The patients are thoroughly screened prior to the exam and are asked to remove all jewelry to be metal free. During the test, patients lay on a table and the area of the body being studied is placed inside the machine. An injection of contrast material may be needed for further evaluation of the body structure.

Prep before exam:
If any implants please provide card of model of implant.
If order indicates you will need to be NPO (no food after midnight).
Lab resulted may be required if with contrast is requested.
Try to limit the amount of jewelry or metal that you would have to remove before entering.
Ear plugs are used during examination because equipment makes a lot of noise to create the image.

Open MRI: Hitachi Oasis
1.2 Tesla vertical field superconductive magnet


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