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Mammography: Digital 3-D Tomography Mammography

Mammography is a type of medical imaging to assess the breast tissue. There are two types of mammograms. During the test, the breast is placed on an x-ray plate and compressed to make the breast tissue thinner. The patient can experience a little discomfort during the compression that will only last a few seconds.

Examination Preparations:
If you had previous mammogram at another facility please bring CD of the images so the radiologist can compare the current images to past images.
Screening mammogram is ordered annually for women who have no problems with their breasts.
Diagnostic mammogram is ordered to evaluate a new abnormality or for follow-up with a past abnormality.

GE Pristina
We offer state of the art 3D Tomography Mammography imaging, which gives detail like never before.
The Sensory Suite that has relaxing sound and beautiful pictures to take you to a new relaxation.
The digital experience gives you instant imaging making the exam quicker
The compression panel is design to flex for more comfort and the rounded edges provide better comfort.


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